Many people overlook the need to change the locks on a house they have just bought and this exposes them to several potential risks. Read on and learn some important reasons why you should change your locks when you buy a house.
1. It Ensures That No Old Locks Remain
Chances are high that some locks may have aged if you have just bought an older home. Locks age due to factors like metal fatigue or corrosion due to prolonged exposure to the elements. Old locks may not open easily or they may fail abruptly, resulting in a lockout (being unable to get into your home). Avoid the pitfalls of old locks by changing all the locks once you buy a home. Call a professional locksmith Albuquerque NM for the best results.
2. It Allows You To Upgrade to Better Quality Locks
Advancements in lock technology constantly yield better quality locks. It is therefore advisable that you change the locks on your new house if you discover that they are of an inferior quality that can easily be breached by intruders. You can ask a locksmith to rate the quality of the current locks and advise you on which better quality locks you should replace the old ones with. You will feel more secure in your new home if you install locks of a better quality than the ones you found on the doors.

3. You Eliminate The Chance That a Stranger Has a Copy of Your Keys
Homeowners normally give copies of keys to all family members as well as a trusted neighbor. Some homeowners even give keys to contractors who are performing repairs to some parts of the home. Some of those keys that have been passed around get forgotten or lost and you can never be sure who has possession of them. That is why you should not drop your guard when the previous owner of the home tells you that he or she has handed you all copies of the keys. Take the extra step of changing all the locks on the new house so that you eliminate the chance that another person can gain access to your home using a key they obtained from the previous homeowner. You can hire a key maker Albuquerque NM to do this for you.
4. Increase the Chance of Your Insurance Claim Being Honored
In the event that your home is burglarized, you can increase the likelihood of getting compensation from your insurance company by providing proof (such as receipts) that you changed the locks when you acquired that home. The insurance company will be convinced that the burglary was not a result of negligence on your part so your claim will be cleared for settlement. You may even qualify for lower insurance premiums in case you upgraded to security locks. You can also hire a car locksmith Albuquerque NM to protect your car.
You have taken a long time to accumulate the belongings in your house. You have also invested lots of money to buy those belongings. Many of those belongings may have irreplaceable sentimental value (such as an antique gun given to you by your father). Should you risk all that just because you want to avoid incurring the cost of calling a locksmith to replace the locks on your new house? That would be taking a very high risk so better err on the side of caution and have all the locks changed.