The word locksmith conjures up an image of a big padlock, and perhaps some chains. But locks have changed over the years, and so have locksmith services. Electronics have invaded this profession as well.

In the past, locksmith services were confined to
a. Helping owners to open the lock, when they lost the key or left it from where it would be difficult to retrieve in time. Such locks could be those of their home, cupboards, cars, brief cases, and even refrigerators.
b. Preparing new keys by painstakingly filing some metal.

Now, the locksmith’s services have expanded. These include
a. Helping owner in finding appropriate lock for specific purpose. Here sophisticated devices have now become integral part of security system. Therefore, many locksmiths have updated their knowledge and skills. Some locksmiths have added such security services to their portfolio. Not only do they help owners find the electronic lock or security arrangement; they also install or repair such systems.
b. Helping owners to open the lock as and when needed;
c. Preparing keys;
d. Providing maintenance services;
e. Providing allied services such as installation of doors, and electrical connections to the security or locking system;

Time factor matters now more than ever

It is true that many things have become faster now. In the past, there would be no way people could avail services of locksmith in late evenings. They could only approach these professionals on following mornings. Now, with internet, and smartphones around, calling locksmiths is not difficult at all. GPS systems make it easier for locksmiths also to identify the property or vehicle and do the needful at the earliest.

Selecting a locksmith service

The profession is such that reliability is important. Therefore, most 24 hour locksmith services do a background check of their employees to ensure that they are not sending any felon across to their client. While selecting any locksmith service, a person should verify about
a. the quality of services, including installation and repairs of sophisticated locking arrangements;
b. speed of service;
c. proximity; and
d. cost, though costs vary as per the job.

It is better to keep such the number of locksmiths on cell phones of all family members so that time is not lost searching for a reliable locksmith service when keys are lost or left inside the home or vehicle. It is also necessary to confirm whether the selected locksmith business offers 24 hour service.